After Ten-thousand Years Recede

scriptures and tinctures align in the constellations of the best
dying in heat animals pour blood into horizons of the west
blurred spectrums of morals flash and decaying leaves hiss…

distances close doors quiet as hypertension in lanes of complacence
drivers teeter on arms of weathered gods scanning facial ticks for hunters
absorbing aromas of phantoms growling edicts demanding somnambulating
citizens to eat plastic mana turning brains into obedient masses of cancer…

pausing between worlds to drench dawn’s trumpet in icy blood…

burning lies infect eyes with varicose veins pulsing parables (the next world dictates
abstractions played in the key of free-time) the living vessel of perdition retains flecks
of earthen good-byes wavering in an instant…

vacant chairs vibrate around a table as recollections compose wars
splashing swaths of sentient landscapes with sinister hues…

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