Spiritual Necrosis


poets and possession (hold the key
and watch it rust) midnight ejaculations
and murmurs of forgotten terror…


surrounded by dismembered dreams
and manifestations of spiders
my eyes search for understanding
souls… (I hear the serpent’s tongue)


distorted and oily profiles of visionaries disintegrate
within the Akashic vault (where all egos are pillars of salt)
we become an ocean still as death and forget our final breath


mortality hardens every-
thing… (given life man slays)

the mob gathers and drinks its pride
hunting monsters locked inside

borders of empires
gratifying desires


I have developed an intolerance to ambrosia
All smiles and sunny days seem sinister to me


Chasms Shine inside Pupils Captured

in mass-produced photographs leaking
oils and plastics into oceans eternally
churning secret species speaking sonar
beyond the corridor of human tongues

awaiting arrivals admirals of slaughter promulgate
fading flags of kings and queens aging on God’s throne
as veins rise to the surface and lines on maps bulge winds
direct tyrannies toward destinations cultivated by natives
beholding prophecies piercing membranes of skylines

families gather in gluttonous homes quiet as guilt
consuming bounties bound in card-board consumed
by glowing signals processing visions of impotence
and incompetence revealing its radiating birthmark
shaped like a deformed diamond vapid as brutality

Doom Bleeds and Fades

freedom lies with a shattered grace
stumbling toward atomic mythology
where answers have their sins washed
brilliantly bright as suns dying skin off-
colors of rumors circulating planets
of the universe pulled headlong into a night
-mare riding tattooed and complaining
about recollections of severed ghosts
(hiding in a ball of fear minds cry)

out of season the earth radiates melting
enraged stupidity the penultimate prize
(summer sunday christmas chimes)

on the edge of sleep falling awake…

ring the festival of blood into session
the birth-fangs grapple with truth no longer will
recessions bring harvests the moon is full

…and the eye is a clogged vessel full of truth
(in relative position the evening twists elaborate
dances like guitars bending the last strings…)

a painting of a brain chips and disintegrates
like words of a schizophrenic seeking the last
wisdom hidden in the bottom of a noise
only tasted…with the throat closing vision narrows…

the fading archetype is the last opiate of inspiration
the last leader is a shill of the lord of matter dissipating
(two raindrops collide) the core of her heart is hot
like earth it is revised toward oblivion…

…follow it it is
…night brighter than calm
…lipids sinking into servitude
…no one will digest this but all
choking dry paranoia on the fringe of town

(a different verb writes in the sky a new eternity)

…we witness the madness of a faceless doctor
scratching scripts illegible to the naked lie…

conscripted as a rat before a snake fighting its shadow
diving into the blind dream we call created angels
to save our skin from weeping generations of blood…

As Materialism Radiates

the choking beat of conformity
coagulates internment in the minds
of fascist marches measuring time
shoving tubes filled with dictates
down the gullet of my spirit
wishing to be at least severed
from the instance of alignment
inherent in the laughing dream
which destroys ambitions of rain
-bows arching toward constellations
(a distorted and twisted version of the uni
-verse is still wavering alternative…

…dimensions into the crevice of an animal
eyeing and praying for nothing save rain
and prey to be plentiful despite their screams…)

must keeps the string extending
into nuclear holocaustic burns freezing
specters of old films dissolving
bubbles of arteries swelling grand
-father gasping at the why dangling
in the sky…stratospheric metaphors

…and off-key colors spill like incense
into the flame of creation harkening
dances of concubines combining
their hair like an enigma

lost in the tip of a hum
life splits the secret of the tongue
a hue reflecting djinns of you

releases peace in a white explosion
swimming a thousand curses in sand
blinding in the storm of suffering
until the palliating confusion tears
and the witnesses remain in the caesarian
-section of divided moons of elliptical doubt
orbiting the cloud of world-leaders
scratching the chin of sin smirking…

Fading into Assimilation

…obliterated night of the seven seasons
tickets and thickets and trains collide
into the cliché of licking tongues
wed to the bred moan of capitalism

(grinning gothic gremlin) smile of a nurse
before the coma saturates the elliptical
thought of the ghost mutes trepidation
(ride the crest of the adder’s riddle)

infested with scales of karma flaking
magic merging with the indifferent
Earth (and the sky implodes anxiety)
–a voice says crawl back to childhood—

innocence is an oblivious death-sentence
terminated without punctuation (again her)
approval is a mark of degeneration (descend
-ing) linked aphasia is the coded dance of night

…sour taste in the heart as the mouth spouts
…verbs of deeds painted like profanity
…I see her riding the obelisk of risk
…until the tendrils lie

shivered awake by mourning nothingness
thrown back within the iris of truth
drowning in the colors of reason…

Pushing my Heart Open

Poetry By Alex Roth

I look in a book of dreams
the pages get unglued

I make sure my door is locked
and chained

things out of the corners of my eyes
disturb my vision

fog melts on the window
objects blur through the glass

in my dream women hold babies
swaddled in white
leaning back on couches

tv faces glow
a voice speaks to me
in soft girlish gibberish

awake in darkness
my girlfriend sleeps
silently stirring

I think of nothing
but peace
as I stroke her heavy hair

in the dream
a lonely feast is spread

empty chairs
plates devoid of food

my grandmother admonishes me
to return to church

awake I search in the book
for the definition of father
but it’s missing

my mother is dust in a box
my father slurs words
every time we talk

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The Light Breathes Memories

Poetry By Alex Roth

through the tightly closed window
Demons are dyed in gilt rays of dust
splitting sheer white-noise of symphonic
Angels climbing prophecies pulling
pushing backwards atoms redefining

the rising crowd of souls fearing tearing
down feathers of hope falling dripping
in the sound of accord crying collisions
of iron chanting crowns cutting searing
shaking visions of voices still shouting

in smog green money wadded greasy laughing
leaders leering lavish crosses bloody shields
in red-robes holy knights sail slipping into walls
of songs swishing awakened in a cool mansion
a piano echoes in a hall as shades are drawn…

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The Shamanic Surge

Poetry By Alex Roth

I must write the spirit shivering electric urges to move visions through knocking winds choose my windows as the frames for their ferocity a rhythm in the lost rhymes of fallen voices in dissent burning searing smoke spilling in my soul mouths of verses climb towards reverence blinking black shadows breathless the stanzas seize my tongue sealing the silence open…

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Consuming the Earth

Poetry By Alex Roth

the heart of the beast reads
our eyes fused to the scenes
rendered real on the screens

flesh fused in its digits
numbers in a seam
become what you dream

programmers march in soundless
formations amassing flawless
machines molding into men

counting corroded coinage
choking coagulated crops

undulating in the Beast’s golden blood
spreading through driven veins of time
flooding over the temples pounding

festivals stroking sleeping serpents
through tendrils of minds pulsing
in the wide white light of the hum
sending days coded in the parables
of God’s exhalation…

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