The White Flame of the Grave Widens

panoramic dementia waxes within
the ceaseless dream ambulating wild
mares and roses inhale desire inside
the unpronounced name exhaling ex-
tended lifetimes spent in robotic bliss
sturdy as spider-silk muting flies’ wings

Chasms Shine inside Pupils Captured

in mass-produced photographs leaking
oils and plastics into oceans eternally
churning secret species speaking sonar
beyond the corridor of human tongues

awaiting arrivals admirals of slaughter promulgate
fading flags of kings and queens aging on God’s throne
as veins rise to the surface and lines on maps bulge winds
direct tyrannies toward destinations cultivated by natives
beholding prophecies piercing membranes of skylines

families gather in gluttonous homes quiet as guilt
consuming bounties bound in card-board consumed
by glowing signals processing visions of impotence
and incompetence revealing its radiating birthmark
shaped like a deformed diamond vapid as brutality

Succumbing to the Purge

unintelligible choices sketch Lucifer’s cry descending from the firmament
asymmetrical spectrums direct orchestras of atrocities reverberating in ears
choruses of armies penetrate dawns awakening sexed couplings ascending
raw reeds resurrect Pan’s pronunciations twinkling in forests concealing maws
sucking souls through time’s intestines as trauma sticks to its walls swelling
leaking infectious archetypes possessing priests proclaiming innocence frothing
in buzzing hotel rooms marinated in smoke as muted screens lip-synch hellish
impulses triggering living nightmares galloping toward reincarnated oblivion

The Slain Sun Dissolves

bleeding purple scents of storms ignite imagined nations of magi
dressed as scholars wearing blank faces feeding the furnace cash
scrawled in ink infused with tones of blood inaudibly whistling
dirges of delirious breath invoking the name of struggles flexing
dense cords of flesh swelling screams hiding in a temple’s glow
blasting the essence of western fantasies bellowing conceptions
inside dead vehicles sunsets drizzle hints of pain releasing life
throughout leveled highways perched owls project earth’s key

Rivers of Prophetic Watercolor Stagnate

sealed inside wide stares of animals tied to instinct
heeding Gaia’s unending need for mountain peaks
as fonts haunt epics flooding tales with lavish lore

the edges of signs melt into deserts and reptiles
a nun awakens dripping blessings echoing vellum
earthen clay soldiers dream in an expansive coffin

tigers pace in frozen fault-lines forming Stalin’s eyes
exploding charcoal propaganda automatons reel
underfoot trembling ants carry an apple’s seeds
as an old man’s frayed broom sweeps epochs

In the Magic Night of Black Star Death

irrational caves dwell within
circling animals hungry for flesh
to devour and satisfy the hour

kingdoms wither in the fur of decadence
lined with piled skins of slaves sticking
to the mind of time rocking in futility
worshipping utility in western awe…

…release the sounds penetrating recollections of reincarnation
laughing maniacal philosophers take turns creating fascists
endless goose-stepping religions force freedom onto bloody pikes…

–listen to the woman in the wind she is bound in rains—

empty the seasons of their platelets
the mirror is the knight we defend
the slaughter lunges for light like roses…

the blessed liquor of Lethe
gives Poe no glimpse of nepenthe
as raving bones screech starvation…

As the Foundation Sinks

the pantomiming madman squeals appeals
tall gray shadows elongate along the wall
like black-hearted judges brewing venom
within their jowls bulging and anticipating
the reaping of tears and tremulous wails

the growl of steel-bars and the verdict of iron-doors
molds monsters masticating pheromones of trepidation
as the silent song of degradation infects ears of prisoners
dripping nightmares into their brains wading in masks
the jolting alarm of roll-call roiling disjointed curses

falling into the melody of servitude marching in syncopated
perpetual motion as granite guards grind their hard jaws
scanning with silver mirrors pupils expanding and contracting
inside hellish universes of the condemned fingering fissures
hemorrhaging light illuminating scales of a screeching snake…

Laundered Thoughts Wash Over Populations

beaming bleached grins of ivory predation
touch the tip of the steel heart severing love
eyeless lipless and formless feeling all life
forms wrinkled impulses warring like sexes
seeking paradise in the white exhalation of death
expanding minutes into eons of shadows feeding
cells populating the flesh of living loaves rising
being passed from mouth to grave nourishing reflections
deforming the scroll of experience scrawling live evil

…the wedded heretic
…time makes the law tick
…twitches of revolution stagnate
…in bacteria infested charters

seek the door—wider than the sky—hallowed candles sing darkened dreams…

Greek fornicators plunder Christ’s scream
within the gray clouds of Golgotha
sail the trembling ghosts…

The Creator Wields the Blade Praying to the Heaven He Made

the fires of punishment growing cold nightmares cracking
houses on the edge of sound howling silent hosts flashing
scarified hands fashioned like relics on the fringes of reason
exploding emotions in a caravan of lost whispers penetrating
the logical laws made for all to perish within evenings of flies
biting the air invades conversations to reap each syllable flung
into the hermetic tomb of memory mute lightning rods splash
delivering edicts of death flooding constellations within breath
mothers stare like castles made of guilt sternly emitting our life
eating its excrement pushing societies toward promontories
alive as photographs following footsteps of continual progress
chasing desire in the echo of great tyrannical modes of peace
shaving years off every door painting the world impossible
shades leading with dead eyes flocks of two-dimensional pawns
gasping for particles of the secret song stirring…

The Funeral Dream Shocks a Vision

Sleeping in the bones of humanity
A fear snarls complications and apathy
As humid poverty dies ingesting vices
While tossing dice into the digital
Scream as surrealistic executions
Rifle through old files yellowed
The answer is never bound but held
Loosely by iron-hands of iron-men
As women wearing polite lies ring bells
Applauding ejaculations from hell

At once a sickness ferments lock-jaw
Gnashing us all with the fangs of its law
Until ghosts outline exoskeletons
Of crawling roaches behind a wall
Of painted flowers strangling sanity
As toxic exhalations whisper
Oblivion in a nanosecond shivers
Lilacs and perverted old men licking
Tremors of shouting and shaking
Entities hiding within decrepit norms
Digging for worms fishing for faces
Within the bubbling illusion of depth