Spiritual Necrosis


poets and possession (hold the key
and watch it rust) midnight ejaculations
and murmurs of forgotten terror…


surrounded by dismembered dreams
and manifestations of spiders
my eyes search for understanding
souls… (I hear the serpent’s tongue)


distorted and oily profiles of visionaries disintegrate
within the Akashic vault (where all egos are pillars of salt)
we become an ocean still as death and forget our final breath


mortality hardens every-
thing… (given life man slays)

the mob gathers and drinks its pride
hunting monsters locked inside

borders of empires
gratifying desires


I have developed an intolerance to ambrosia
All smiles and sunny days seem sinister to me


My Ears Ring

black discharge bleeds throughout my mind throbbing pain humid heat slow thoughts emerge gray light shines taking tiny steps towards a chair I sit and stare at the cursor blinking on the screen there is nothing to type but despair placid blankness something breathes on my neck eyes in the air stare at me singing melodies in sedated keys repeating a verse

Glowing Paranoia Shrieks

Like a phone-call
Without a voice
On the other end

Of the line moving unseen
Through space and each
Time I hear it I twitch

And cringe on the inside
I feel its dull claw swipe
As its eyes expand all

Around me sounds move
Slowly racing toward
An untouchable word