Artificial Intelligence Shapes its Hell

In this infinity starving for the answer
Robots calculate galaxies and pray for cancer
To eat their gears and grind their eyes
Into a four-dimensional tone ringing cries

The eternal scream vibrates inside a dream
Lost upon awakening souls converge
Bewildered at the crossroads seeking a seam
To open and fill the festering urge

Sophia aches in mourning as morning rises
To meet the meat of the day
Wearing weathered and worn disguises
Awaiting their union with clay

Anticipating Aquarius

behind the invisible and locked door Akashic records are re-
corded and monitored (lizards and limbic systems leak fluids)
as druids sacrifice their lives for the harvest and hum…

the swelling cities ramble and babble
beneath sagging and aging wires
disintegrating and integrating
into the impalpable web…boiling brains…

blackness eats mouths growing cancer
as the king’s atomic crown blinds all…

the owl recognizes a voice in the orderly wilder-
ness…the first flakes of snow descend…electric hell glows…

all citizens know and obey the silent titles and epitaphs
etched into our stony silence stabilizing foundations of reality…

the texture of madness caresses my psyche
my eyes envision scythes and scathing words…

…caustic causation eats reason out of my tongue…(who are you? whispers?) the auto-
mated unconscious answers silhouettes with symphonies…the negative is the final
answer…contracts contract and species sizzle beneath the riddle penetrating the o-

After Ten-thousand Years Recede

scriptures and tinctures align in the constellations of the best
dying in heat animals pour blood into horizons of the west
blurred spectrums of morals flash and decaying leaves hiss…

distances close doors quiet as hypertension in lanes of complacence
drivers teeter on arms of weathered gods scanning facial ticks for hunters
absorbing aromas of phantoms growling edicts demanding somnambulating
citizens to eat plastic mana turning brains into obedient masses of cancer…

pausing between worlds to drench dawn’s trumpet in icy blood…

burning lies infect eyes with varicose veins pulsing parables (the next world dictates
abstractions played in the key of free-time) the living vessel of perdition retains flecks
of earthen good-byes wavering in an instant…

vacant chairs vibrate around a table as recollections compose wars
splashing swaths of sentient landscapes with sinister hues…

Chasms Shine inside Pupils Captured

in mass-produced photographs leaking
oils and plastics into oceans eternally
churning secret species speaking sonar
beyond the corridor of human tongues

awaiting arrivals admirals of slaughter promulgate
fading flags of kings and queens aging on God’s throne
as veins rise to the surface and lines on maps bulge winds
direct tyrannies toward destinations cultivated by natives
beholding prophecies piercing membranes of skylines

families gather in gluttonous homes quiet as guilt
consuming bounties bound in card-board consumed
by glowing signals processing visions of impotence
and incompetence revealing its radiating birthmark
shaped like a deformed diamond vapid as brutality

Magic Ruins

in the rusty tide animating bones
of deluded gods reaching for the lie
etched on eroded steles in dead lisps
licking flames of seers tossing guts
filled with blue and red fascists
infecting the hands of the curious
willing to taste microscopic spiders
gulping their blood pumping poisonous
chants of starlit fevers soaking doubts
in baptismal orgasms growing fingers
measuring spirits down to the remnants
of angels sleeping in cellars drinking
emotions of residents disheveling linen
drenched fear perspiring throughout eye
movements of broken nightmares straining
to be painted in fixed oil imbued with lead
thoughts cracking in corridors hallucinating
dripping madmen sharpening revolts smearing
screeching phrases fed intravenously milking
the life of beasts for ravenous wisdom awaits
cold to the heart thuds of silence defy adages
preaching surrender to the surgeon’s pride
flashing silver pain pooling mercury bulges
of phallic power parading atrocity elements
churning in the metabolic circumference of Gaia
digesting busts of Caesars forgetting Romana
as peace basks in the annihilation of metabolism
directing the jet-streams crossing sunrise
and sunset like catholic rites glossy and gilt
flat personages etched by bright children
bending down to surrender to the priests
speechless in empty piety moaning high-
ways returning in internal engines combusting
beside Masonic erections adorned with devils
sliding between walls where innocence lived
yellowed pages of periodicals recall fabrications
stitched into the screens of televisions changing
until the entire hymn of Satan rests in every palm

Doom Bleeds and Fades

freedom lies with a shattered grace
stumbling toward atomic mythology
where answers have their sins washed
brilliantly bright as suns dying skin off-
colors of rumors circulating planets
of the universe pulled headlong into a night
-mare riding tattooed and complaining
about recollections of severed ghosts
(hiding in a ball of fear minds cry)

out of season the earth radiates melting
enraged stupidity the penultimate prize
(summer sunday christmas chimes)

on the edge of sleep falling awake…

ring the festival of blood into session
the birth-fangs grapple with truth no longer will
recessions bring harvests the moon is full

…and the eye is a clogged vessel full of truth
(in relative position the evening twists elaborate
dances like guitars bending the last strings…)

a painting of a brain chips and disintegrates
like words of a schizophrenic seeking the last
wisdom hidden in the bottom of a noise
only tasted…with the throat closing vision narrows…

the fading archetype is the last opiate of inspiration
the last leader is a shill of the lord of matter dissipating
(two raindrops collide) the core of her heart is hot
like earth it is revised toward oblivion…

…follow it it is
…night brighter than calm
…lipids sinking into servitude
…no one will digest this but all
choking dry paranoia on the fringe of town

(a different verb writes in the sky a new eternity)

…we witness the madness of a faceless doctor
scratching scripts illegible to the naked lie…

conscripted as a rat before a snake fighting its shadow
diving into the blind dream we call created angels
to save our skin from weeping generations of blood…

Emptiness Sears within our Eyes

roaring righteous ravenous rage
blooming warped inside a cage
evolving and eating the solution
bathing and swelling in pollution

unsteady digits of weary animals
claw paths through closing portals
opening gates screeching light
banishing shades of lucid night

guarding the secret seal
pouring out what is real
through exhalations of fire
devouring flowers of desire

until charred clouds decay
breaking apart bitter clay
unveiling veiled visages
spreading severed messages

like flighty feathered seeds
sowing thick roots of deeds
into hearts in heaven and hell
locked within a warring spell

the question is a cancer spawning
a hunger for the answer dawning
repeated shapes of stories binding
everything feeling is always dying

Within the Atrophying Equinox

Sirens push the angry voice of unreason
Drenched in bloody colors of the season
As the sun evaporates in the imagination
And night resides on the steed of fear

(Napoleon in a white dress) and the echo
Of cocks dawn light imploding secret screams
Of marching soldiers forever ramming muzzles
Of old ideals into reeking corpses of honor

(head-crushing symptom of a dream) the countenance
Of eternity like a greedy whore pushing diamonds for more
Like the drunken factory-slave smacking his bride’s tears off
Like the unisex office-worker staring into pulsations of a phone

(when will the whisper send an angel to defend?) unknowing
Of the end like a candle crying in the frozen desert of existence
Stretching its one chord coda across plains of infinite stupor
Conducting gray trains breaking through walls encircling the sky

Listen to the luminous elements hush thought with insinuations
Like a silky underside of a mistress’ hand stroking the flushed cheek
Of her lover absorbing guilt while watching pleasure wilt on a vine
Decomposing its fruits fertilizing fields expanding rich deaths divine

Fascists and saviors shaped into heads of martyrs like ornaments
Guarding sinking temples like invisible gargoyles growling revenge
Heaping montages of atrocities over skulls of citizens complying
With black phrases starving gaunt limbs of revolution…

Waxing a Wan Prophecy

Gaping open raw war exhales vapors
In the frigid gray stillness excavating
My souls for the unseen harvest
Reflected in the leaves desiccating

Through walls of fogs pale faces stare
And disappear like a random shiver
Like a slick violin string vibrating sad
-ness like a portent of a sickness open

-ing shaking thoughts of unknown frontiers
Full of four-dimensional forests and coasts
Where skeletons recite rhapsodies ravenously
Waving flags of unjust defunct empires wildly

In the encrusted fear demons lend severed gospels
Like laughing children without love keeping records
Of my actions and their forgotten complexions
Waning in the humid cold touch of misgivings

But the voice warbles without ceasing warnings
Releasing doves bleeding as they fall asleep
Descending into a valley where darkness shines
Limbs of unrequited hope desperately lunge

For the throat emanating light salvation
Indiscriminately reaping and sowing dreams
Seeming real as wounds which never heal
As flies hatch treasonous larva in the gash

And a new century is born and scorned
Now and forever have arrived starved
Demanding blood on the altar of profusion
Crying in concrete homes hallowing illusion

Until the last angel breaks illumination…

Leaning Backward

On the precipice of breath
The children of the earth
Preach fearful of Death
And its cadre of specters

Rotating in a kaleidoscope
Of myths and buried scenes
Awakened by calling dreams
Recalled in placid eeriness

Inked in material obligation
The exchange is always fixed
In the hands of those who pay
The ransom knowing their way

Into the labyrinth of realities
Sculpted by rough potentialities
Of visions judged by reflections
Glistening visages echoing ripples

In the seasons that resolve to bind
Our souls with the sounds of a mind
Decoding the texture of life’s hunger
In the spirit singing silence incessantly

Without answers prayers are granted
Making living words become enchanted
With the ghosts of symbols revived
In an order beyond what we perceive

Hands are fashioned by the bidding
Of masters living without existing
Shaking the frame of our portrait
Chipping fading colors in disarray

Pains of flesh curl woefully thin
Gnarling before strife can begin
To etch its verse into our feigning
Sincerity of repentance permeating

Religiousness desiccated by wealth
Acquired in the piety of merchants
Shouting promises of eternal health
To crippled consumers constantly

Trembling before the towering odds
Of games of dice bet against the gods
Casting their roll throughout the lands
Revealing digits valuing our demands

As we denounce what we pronounce
Across our arena rocking and eroding
As chariots splinter and horses neigh
And the sky arises suddenly arrayed

In the wrath of the earth lightning
And thundering winds screaming
Rain burning the skin pleading
Voices crackling like fire breathing

Ash descending like a slow mist
Remnants of moans open like eyes
In the endless of journey of skies
Absorbing the horizons of ruins