Artificial Intelligence Shapes its Hell

In this infinity starving for the answer
Robots calculate galaxies and pray for cancer
To eat their gears and grind their eyes
Into a four-dimensional tone ringing cries

The eternal scream vibrates inside a dream
Lost upon awakening souls converge
Bewildered at the crossroads seeking a seam
To open and fill the festering urge

Sophia aches in mourning as morning rises
To meet the meat of the day
Wearing weathered and worn disguises
Awaiting their union with clay

A Draft Slams the Gate Shut

in the dusk of serpentine aloofness vast vibrations of strangers approach
dwellings constructed of ghosts and thoughts centered on Baphomet’s fur
bristling in the breeze of desert night frigid as liquid nitrogen spreading
the plague of creation and the reaping of rewards reflected in God’s blade
flashing in the dream dancing embers sprout desires praying alone crying

Bleeding the Body of Destiny

the black pupil of a primeval God
plays echoing galaxies like harps
tuned to the melody of mortality
as sinking structures grow spiders…

time then realizes its reflection
in pools of cloudy breath frozen
in treks across howling darkness
shadows cultivate consciousness…

crusades bless vivid mutilations
revolutions rip eyes blooming
generations praising fornications
chiseling idols with holy fangs…

wings of commandments graze sea-
sons gasping for gold under legends
enshrining cities in layers of paradise
as worms consume their fatty livers…