Within a Weathered World


worms eat decay
as shades crackle
and resurrect wails…

in the glow of a sinister sun
inside our collective head
clinging to the living dead…

(empty theaters and churches
shelter spiders in silence)


an angel crumbles
like weathered stone
my heart cracks…

the warden draws
sketches of misery
smearing charcoal…

(in solitude a poet
drowns in hours)


As We Lie (Terminally Ill)


the bloody hand of Jesus rests on shoulders of eras until He disintegrates…

each prayer longs for light to obliterate night…

…a cobra rises within
…the dream escapes the mind

a conscious machine surveys the web…a spider drains a fly…

Death begins His Hymn with a grin…baring teeth wolves encircle inside
a nightmare galloping toward dawn…


dementia eats souls
as the feast rots
in the hidden chambers
of time bleeding


eyes recollect levitation
the lion is blinded by loins
the priest tastes flesh
the king seduces his nation


…the lord of the ascending hum will not be gagged

(silence narcotizes)



Spiritual Necrosis


poets and possession (hold the key
and watch it rust) midnight ejaculations
and murmurs of forgotten terror…


surrounded by dismembered dreams
and manifestations of spiders
my eyes search for understanding
souls… (I hear the serpent’s tongue)


distorted and oily profiles of visionaries disintegrate
within the Akashic vault (where all egos are pillars of salt)
we become an ocean still as death and forget our final breath


mortality hardens every-
thing… (given life man slays)

the mob gathers and drinks its pride
hunting monsters locked inside

borders of empires
gratifying desires


I have developed an intolerance to ambrosia
All smiles and sunny days seem sinister to me


In a Disembodied Moment

words randomly waft into my mind heading toward a distant echo (a low note drones
from an invisible cello) hounds cry in yards drunkards howl throughout streets cracking
an aging church-bell tolls a far-off mass few observe old electrical wires sagging
as the invisible web widens…

Anticipating Aquarius

behind the invisible and locked door Akashic records are re-
corded and monitored (lizards and limbic systems leak fluids)
as druids sacrifice their lives for the harvest and hum…

the swelling cities ramble and babble
beneath sagging and aging wires
disintegrating and integrating
into the impalpable web…boiling brains…

blackness eats mouths growing cancer
as the king’s atomic crown blinds all…

the owl recognizes a voice in the orderly wilder-
ness…the first flakes of snow descend…electric hell glows…

all citizens know and obey the silent titles and epitaphs
etched into our stony silence stabilizing foundations of reality…

the texture of madness caresses my psyche
my eyes envision scythes and scathing words…

…caustic causation eats reason out of my tongue…(who are you? whispers?) the auto-
mated unconscious answers silhouettes with symphonies…the negative is the final
answer…contracts contract and species sizzle beneath the riddle penetrating the o-

After Ten-thousand Years Recede

scriptures and tinctures align in the constellations of the best
dying in heat animals pour blood into horizons of the west
blurred spectrums of morals flash and decaying leaves hiss…

distances close doors quiet as hypertension in lanes of complacence
drivers teeter on arms of weathered gods scanning facial ticks for hunters
absorbing aromas of phantoms growling edicts demanding somnambulating
citizens to eat plastic mana turning brains into obedient masses of cancer…

pausing between worlds to drench dawn’s trumpet in icy blood…

burning lies infect eyes with varicose veins pulsing parables (the next world dictates
abstractions played in the key of free-time) the living vessel of perdition retains flecks
of earthen good-byes wavering in an instant…

vacant chairs vibrate around a table as recollections compose wars
splashing swaths of sentient landscapes with sinister hues…

As the Foundation Sinks

the pantomiming madman squeals appeals
tall gray shadows elongate along the wall
like black-hearted judges brewing venom
within their jowls bulging and anticipating
the reaping of tears and tremulous wails

the growl of steel-bars and the verdict of iron-doors
molds monsters masticating pheromones of trepidation
as the silent song of degradation infects ears of prisoners
dripping nightmares into their brains wading in masks
the jolting alarm of roll-call roiling disjointed curses

falling into the melody of servitude marching in syncopated
perpetual motion as granite guards grind their hard jaws
scanning with silver mirrors pupils expanding and contracting
inside hellish universes of the condemned fingering fissures
hemorrhaging light illuminating scales of a screeching snake…

Laundered Thoughts Wash Over Populations

beaming bleached grins of ivory predation
touch the tip of the steel heart severing love
eyeless lipless and formless feeling all life
forms wrinkled impulses warring like sexes
seeking paradise in the white exhalation of death
expanding minutes into eons of shadows feeding
cells populating the flesh of living loaves rising
being passed from mouth to grave nourishing reflections
deforming the scroll of experience scrawling live evil

…the wedded heretic
…time makes the law tick
…twitches of revolution stagnate
…in bacteria infested charters

seek the door—wider than the sky—hallowed candles sing darkened dreams…

Greek fornicators plunder Christ’s scream
within the gray clouds of Golgotha
sail the trembling ghosts…

The Creator Wields the Blade Praying to the Heaven He Made

the fires of punishment growing cold nightmares cracking
houses on the edge of sound howling silent hosts flashing
scarified hands fashioned like relics on the fringes of reason
exploding emotions in a caravan of lost whispers penetrating
the logical laws made for all to perish within evenings of flies
biting the air invades conversations to reap each syllable flung
into the hermetic tomb of memory mute lightning rods splash
delivering edicts of death flooding constellations within breath
mothers stare like castles made of guilt sternly emitting our life
eating its excrement pushing societies toward promontories
alive as photographs following footsteps of continual progress
chasing desire in the echo of great tyrannical modes of peace
shaving years off every door painting the world impossible
shades leading with dead eyes flocks of two-dimensional pawns
gasping for particles of the secret song stirring…

Magic Ruins

in the rusty tide animating bones
of deluded gods reaching for the lie
etched on eroded steles in dead lisps
licking flames of seers tossing guts
filled with blue and red fascists
infecting the hands of the curious
willing to taste microscopic spiders
gulping their blood pumping poisonous
chants of starlit fevers soaking doubts
in baptismal orgasms growing fingers
measuring spirits down to the remnants
of angels sleeping in cellars drinking
emotions of residents disheveling linen
drenched fear perspiring throughout eye
movements of broken nightmares straining
to be painted in fixed oil imbued with lead
thoughts cracking in corridors hallucinating
dripping madmen sharpening revolts smearing
screeching phrases fed intravenously milking
the life of beasts for ravenous wisdom awaits
cold to the heart thuds of silence defy adages
preaching surrender to the surgeon’s pride
flashing silver pain pooling mercury bulges
of phallic power parading atrocity elements
churning in the metabolic circumference of Gaia
digesting busts of Caesars forgetting Romana
as peace basks in the annihilation of metabolism
directing the jet-streams crossing sunrise
and sunset like catholic rites glossy and gilt
flat personages etched by bright children
bending down to surrender to the priests
speechless in empty piety moaning high-
ways returning in internal engines combusting
beside Masonic erections adorned with devils
sliding between walls where innocence lived
yellowed pages of periodicals recall fabrications
stitched into the screens of televisions changing
until the entire hymn of Satan rests in every palm