A Draft Slams the Gate Shut

in the dusk of serpentine aloofness vast vibrations of strangers approach
dwellings constructed of ghosts and thoughts centered on Baphomet’s fur
bristling in the breeze of desert night frigid as liquid nitrogen spreading
the plague of creation and the reaping of rewards reflected in God’s blade
flashing in the dream dancing embers sprout desires praying alone crying

Succumbing to the Purge

unintelligible choices sketch Lucifer’s cry descending from the firmament
asymmetrical spectrums direct orchestras of atrocities reverberating in ears
choruses of armies penetrate dawns awakening sexed couplings ascending
raw reeds resurrect Pan’s pronunciations twinkling in forests concealing maws
sucking souls through time’s intestines as trauma sticks to its walls swelling
leaking infectious archetypes possessing priests proclaiming innocence frothing
in buzzing hotel rooms marinated in smoke as muted screens lip-synch hellish
impulses triggering living nightmares galloping toward reincarnated oblivion