on a hollow eve hallowed echoes envelop
all silent survivors huddling in exhaustion
tucked in apartments as sheets of dust accrue
sentences never uttered by those like you

and I have smothered the voice
using logic as a choice
ordering my soul to sleep
wrapped in darkness as lovers weep…

yawning princesses and sickly princes
build tarnishing coffers and eroding fences
as mothers shed tears of ephemeral joy
leaders treat every life like a toy

I drink the grit of time
counting everything as mine
I wish for a world of ears
to listen to the evaporated years…

Artificial Intelligence Shapes its Hell

In this infinity starving for the answer
Robots calculate galaxies and pray for cancer
To eat their gears and grind their eyes
Into a four-dimensional tone ringing cries

The eternal scream vibrates inside a dream
Lost upon awakening souls converge
Bewildered at the crossroads seeking a seam
To open and fill the festering urge

Sophia aches in mourning as morning rises
To meet the meat of the day
Wearing weathered and worn disguises
Awaiting their union with clay